Universal SQL Client Version 3.8.1
Information on SQuirrel SQL FX based on JDK 9 and JavaFX here

Translations overview

SQuirreL's default language is English. If you would like to use SQuirreL in one of the translations available you need to check the desired optional translation package during the install process. If you want to use a new translation with an existing SQuirreL installation just download the translation jar file from the list below and drop it in your installation's lib directory. In case the translation matches the language of your operating system all you need to do is restart SQuirreL. In case translation and operating system language do not match you must edit squirrel-sql.bat or squirre-sql.sh file and add the following argument right behind the -Xmx256m argument of the start command:
   -Duser.language=<your language code>

All currently available translations are included in the install jar of the latest weekly snapshot or can be found in the sql12/squirrelsql-translations/src/main/resources/ subdirectory of our GIT repository which can be checked out using:
   git clone git://git.code.sf.net/p/squirrel-sql/git squirrel-sql-git

Translators (I18N) needed

If you would like to help us translate SQuirreL. We recommend to use our internationalization (I18n) plugin. The plugin provides an overview of which translations need to be done and helps you to store your translated property files in the necessary directory structure. Here is what you need to do.

  • Download the latest weekly snapshot
  • In the install wizard check the 'Optional Plugin - Internationalization'
  • Start SQuirreL, open the Global Preferences dialog and choose the tab named 'I18n administration'. This tab itself contains two tabs: Translators and Developers. As a translator all the information and functionality you need is on the Translators tab.


Available translations

Language (code)TranslatorDownloadIncluded in Install Jar of (version may not be released yet)
Spanish (es)Diego Schulz squirrel-sql_es.jar Version 2.2 or higher
Brazilian (pt_BR)Francis Martins squirrel-sql_pt_BR.jar Version 2.3 or higher
Czech (cs_CZ)Jan Kostrhun squirrel-sql_cs_CZ.jar Version 2.3 or higher
Bulgarian (bg_BG)Ivan Dimov squirrel-sql_bg_BG.jar Version 2.3 or higher
Chinese (zh_CN)xpdz squirrel-sql_zh_CN.jar Version 2.3 or higher
French (fr)Erwan Duroselle squirrel-sql_fr.jar Version 2.3 or higher
Italian (it_IT)Ivo Neri squirrel-sql_it_IT.jar Version 2.3 or higher
German (de_DE)Thorsten Mürell, Andreas Oswald squirrel-sql_de_DE.jar Version 2.3 or higher
Russian (ru)Dmitry Matyukhin squirrel-sql_ru.jar Version 2.6 or higher
Japanese (ja_JP)Toshiki IGA squirrel-sql_ja_JP.jar Version 3.2.1 or higher
Korean (ko_KR)Youngwoo Kim squirrel-sql_ko_KR.jar Version 3.0.1 or higher
Polish (pl)Miron Sadziak, Begina Felicysym squirrel-sql_pl.jar Version 3.1 or higher