Universal SQL Client Version 3.8.1
Information on SQuirrel SQL FX based on JDK 9 and JavaFX here
  SQuirreL SQL FX based on JavaFX and JDK 9

SQuirreL SQL FX is a completely new program based on latest Java technologies: JavaFX and JDK 9.

The purpose of this new start is first to teach myself how to program JavaFX and JDK 9 and and second to attract developers.

SQuirreL SQL FX is by now by far not as feature rich as SQuirreL SQL based on Swing-UI.

Note: Development of SQuirreL SQL based on Swing-UI will continue.


To checkout the sources please get a clone of our Git repo as described here.


In the checked out repository look at the sqfx/ directory. Everything is still very small and easy.


There is a small Ant script right inside the sqfx/ directory. To execute the script you need to download Ant version 1.9.3 or higher from here.

Open a cmd/shell window and change directory to the sqfx/. Form there execute <ant-home>/bin/ant. This will generate the directory sqfx/output/ where the build output (a plain zip file) is placed.


Snapshot releases of SQuirreL SQL FX can be found here

Change log:

The SQuirreL SQL FX change log can be found here